AFFF 6% 0° C

Product Code: AE009
The AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN is a high efficiency concentrated foam to use in non-polar, and hydrocarbons.
The AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN provides an excellent control on class B fires by forming a sealing sheet on the liquid fuel.
This vapor seal inhibits the re-lit even when the foam layer was broken and also allows the product to be used to ensure no re-ignition.
The AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN has excellent wet and penetration qualities when used in type A fires. This is important when you have to extinguish inside fires on wood, paper, tires and other similar fuels.
The AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN comply with Standard UL162.
The rapid extinction reduces the chances of dangerous incidents decreasing the risk to property and equipments. AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN also prevents re-lit the fire and regressions which are a major cause of injuries.
The safe action of AFFF 6% DEMSA 206 MN minimizes re-lit and re-ignition when flammable liquids are spilled.
It is sold in 5 l cans.