Fire hose hydraulic testing equipment

Product Code: MR040
Suitable for conducting hydraulic tests on fire hoses of all kinds, lengths, and diameter. Fully compliant with IRAM 3594 Standard. Operation consists of three stages: Filling, test pressure, and draining, by re-circulating the water used. No external water source is required. The water container and hydraulic equipment are mounted on a wheeled frame for ease of transportation. It is a standalone electro-pneumatic equipment. It is fitted with a pressure regulating valve that shuts off automatically when reaching the required test pressure. For ease of operation, the system allows hose draining and roll-up at the end of the test. Estimated time to test a complete 2 ½” 25-m hose is 5 minutes, including filling, pressure test, draining, and rolling up. The equipment features a hose compression system to test joint bores.

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