• How can I register?

    These courses have limited vacancies, so prior booking is advised.

    You may choose any of the following registration options:

    On our Website: Register here.

    By e-mail: Fill in this form (link available in Spanish ) and send it to ventas@extintoresmelisam.com.ar

    By fax: Fill in this form (link available in Spanish ) and fax it to +54 (011) 4766-6100

  • Does the training involve any risk?

    Attending the course may involve exposing yourself to risks inherent to firefighting training. Please be aware that you assume such risks by registering.

    Our courses are delivered in safe environments, under controlled risk conditions, in compliance with Argentine Law No. 19587 on Occupational Safety and Health, and with Regulatory Decree No. 351/79.

  • What are the physical fitness requirements?

    Company physicians must certify participants are free from any pre-existing health or mental condition that may prevent them from safely taking part in the hands-on training (e.g. cardiovascular disease, chronic or acute respiratory syndromes, vision or hearing problems, diabetes, epilepsy, acute depression or anxiety).

    In case of doubt, please check with CALCIC S.A. Medical Department. The company reserves the right to restrict participation in the courses. Participants who are physically unfit or under the effects of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate in practical drills.

  • What is your registration cancellation policy?

    Cancellation fees apply, as per the following schedule:

    10-day to 72-hour cancellation: 50%

    Less than 72-hour cancellation: 100%

  • May a course for which I have registered become cancelled?

    MELISAM – CALCIC reserve the right to cancel any course on account of unforeseen circumstances, or if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In such scenario, any paid amount will be reimbursed, or else participants will be reallocated to any subsequent course, at no additional charge.