The pumping system is of the essence for water– and foam-based fire suppression systems.

Several aspects need be taken into consideration when designing service conditions and components.

Flow and pressure will be rated depending on whether they will feed external/ external hydrant networks, sprinklers, cooling nozzles, spray water systems, etc., as well as on application densities, and the need for concurrent discharges.

Components will be selected to suit the specific features of each risk (high-rise buildings, warehouses, tank yards, shopping centers, etc.), as well as geographic location and specific regulations.

Each pumping system must basically consist of a couple of electric or diesel engine pumps that may substitute for each other, plus the jockey pump to pressurize the system. It is important to note that independent power supply will be required for each control panel if both pumps are operated by an electric motor; otherwise one of them should be diesel-fueled.

For pump start automation purposes, control panels must be designed as per NFPA standards, and built with top quality materials.

Based on applicable standards and requirements, equipment will be designed and manufactured in line with NFPA regulations, and they may bear the UL/FM quality seals (pump, engine, panel).

Proper design and choice of flow meter, safety valve, recirculation, test collectors, and pumping system instruments are essential for system reliability. MELISAM offers different options to respond to customers’ individual needs: Pre-assembled and packaged systems, NFPA-compliant systems, and systems bearing the UL/FM quality seals.